CACE Partners with Emsurge to Revolutionize Article 6 Carbon Credit Markets

The Climate Action Center of Excellence (CACE) has entered a strategic partnership with Emsurge, a leader in digital carbon market solutions, to enhance the transparency and accessibility of carbon credits. This collaboration leverages Emsurge’s cutting-edge technology to facilitate auctions for Article 6 project developers, providing a dynamic platform for the trading of ITMOs under Article 6.2 and ensuring open access to the over-the-counter wholesale carbon market.  The partnership will also provide an ongoing route to market for any Article 6 credits (6.2 ITMOs and 6.4ERs) generated by CACE supported projects.

CACE Partners with Emsurge to Revolutionize Article 6 Carbon Credit Markets

As a direct outcome of this collaboration, beginning in September 2024, CACE will introduce a diverse range of credits through Emsurge’s platform, featuring high-quality projects from renewable energy, forestry, and industrial emissions reductions. These credits will be available for spot transactions as well as forward trade, with Emstream brokers offering specialized marketing support to extend CACE’s reach within Emsurge’s extensive network of clients.

Dr. Yousef Alhorr, Founding Chairman of GORD, said, “In line with Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, carbon markets offer tangible solution to climate change. However, doubts surrounding the integrity and transparency of carbon credits remain a major hurdle in unlocking their full potential. CACE’s partnership with Emsurge seeks to address this issue head-on. By connecting GHG reduction projects to a secure and transparent trading platform, we are committed to ensuring that verified carbon credits are traded fairly with the highest standards.”

CACE Director Alexandra Soezer said the collaboration with Emsurge marks a significant milestone in operationalizing Article 6 of the Paris Agreement effectively. “Emsurge’s cutting-edge digital platform will play a pivotal role in ensuring that the credits we bring to market are traded fairly and comply with the highest standards,” she said. “This initiative is crucial for enhancing the integrity and effectiveness of carbon finance, providing a reliable marketplace for legitimate, transparently accounted credits.”

Melissa Lindsay, CEO of Emsurge, said the synergy with CACE is set to fully operationalize Article 6 of the Paris Agreement and significantly enhance climate finance. “The capacity-building efforts and guidance that CACE provides projects and governments, are essential for ensuring that the legislative frameworks are in place to ensure credits forward sold with Corresponding Adjustments, are delivered with Corresponding Adjustments.  This is key to building credibility and trust in the fledgling Article 6 market,” she said.