Capacity Building, Advocacy and Readiness


Capacity Building, Advocacy and Readiness

CACE is dedicated to empowering both government and private sector stakeholders through a diverse array of initiatives. These include in-country training sessions, workshops, webinars, videos, and online courses, all designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and skills necessary for leveraging carbon markets in line with the Paris Agreement’s objectives.


A pivotal aspect of CACE’s readiness support involves crafting regulatory frameworks essential for the effective implementation of Article 6.2. Such frameworks guide the execution of Article 6 projects and lay a solid foundation for carbon market operations, covering legal governance, ITMO workflow processes, and institutional arrangements for carbon transactions.


Integral to this effort is the A6 Academy, which focuses on two primary groups. The first consists of public sector representatives, trained to engage actively in carbon markets that comply with the Paris Agreement. This training aims to assist these representatives in developing Article 6 policy and institutional frameworks for their countries through collaborative training and framework creation. The hands-on approach of the A6 Academy is designed to be cost-effective, creating national experts capable of leading Article 6 framework implementation.


The second target group includes private-sector project developers, who will receive guidance on project identification, assessment, and the evaluation of unit potential, financial viability, and additionality under Article 6.


Furthermore, CACE offers tailored support through a technical team of experts who can assist public and private sector entities with various aspects of Mitigation Action Design Development (MADD), including validation, monitoring, verification, project examination, authorization, and initial reporting. This includes the potential development of new methodologies or standardized baselines as needed. Private sector entities can access this support through an annual membership fee.


Support is delivered by a team of internationally recognized experts, both internal and external, selected for their skills, expertise, and experience to assist in both public and private sector initiatives.