Cross-Cutting Thematic Areas of Support

Three cross-cutting thematic areas of strategic focus strengthen the successful implementation of the strategic pillars and facilitate the seamless implementation of all core areas of CACE support.

Technology & Digitalization Enabling Digital Technology

Technology and digital solutions are essential for implementing Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. They play a crucial role in facilitating and managing the exchanges of ITMOs while ensuring integrity and trust and avoiding double counting.  CACE offers two options through the Global Carbon Registry (GCR): 1) access to the registry already approved by CORSIA and the Singapore ETS, providing comprehensive services from project examination and registration to the issuance and transfer of ITMOs, and 2) support in establishing a unique space on the registry, creating a system tailored to a specific national project workflow and issuance processes. For those opting for this second option, the GCR provides ongoing maintenance and technical support, ensuring smooth operation and reliability.

ESS Checks Environmental and Social Safeguard Checks

As a critical component of climate action, the Climate Action Center for Excellence offers governments a unique service to assess their projects with internationally recognized tools to ensure that adverse social and environmental risks and impacts are avoided, minimized, mitigated, and/or managed. The application of the environmental and social safeguards tools will enhance the quality, performance, and transparency of carbon projects and strengthen the sustainable development outcomes of all carbon projects.

Through its comprehensive Environmental and Social Safeguard Checks (ESS Checks), CACE provides governments with a robust mechanism to identify, assess, and manage potential social and environmental risks associated with their climate action projects. Environmental and social safeguards are essential for ensuring that climate action initiatives are sustainable and inclusive. They play a crucial role in preventing or mitigating harmful impacts on biodiversity, water resources, cultural heritage, and human well-being. By incorporating safeguards into project planning and implementation, CACE safeguards the integrity of the environment and the livelihoods of communities involved in climate action initiatives.

CACE’s ESS Checks are tailored to the specific characteristics and phases of each climate action project. The checks employ a rigorous methodology that incorporates internationally recognized guidelines and standards, such as the World Bank’s Environmental and Social Framework (ESF) and the Green Climate Fund’s (GCF) Safeguard Policies.

Global Communication Global Strategic Communication on A6 Excellence

Strategic communication is essential for countries striving to fulfil their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. It is pivotal in ensuring crucial messages reach their intended audiences and resonate, fostering more profound understanding and engagement. Adopting effective communication strategies is indispensable in climate change, where initiatives are complex, and the stakes are high. These strategies are crucial to clarifying complex issues, rallying support, and nurturing collaboration across various stakeholders.

This cross-cutting thematic area of support is specifically designed to aid countries in documenting, managing information, and disseminating knowledge of best practices. It focuses on promoting the adoption and replication of successful Article 6 approaches while guiding away from less effective ones. This segment stands out by offering unique services in the market, including media engagement and producing content and materials vital for capacity building, advocacy, and awareness campaigns. Such endeavors are crucial for rendering complicated climate initiatives accessible and engaging to a diverse audience, encompassing governments, the private sector, and academic institutions.

Furthermore, this cross-cutting thematic workstream links CACE’s operational pillars and the global community. It aims to enhance understanding and encourage broad-based participation in climate change mitigation efforts, particularly on Article 6. Ensuring the work of CACE with both public and private stakeholders in various countries is effectively communicated and globally supported significantly amplifies CACE’s impact in the global climate action arena.